Meet Emman Cheng

A Man Defying Expectations

Not all are blessed to have a good life starting from the day they are born. This predicament they are in tend to either push their drive to go full throttle, or pull their lives to the blame game – a life where everything not going right is anybody’s fault but them. As for those who are blessed, they tend to drift with the tide, as their lives are already within comfort and their needs and wants are well taken care of. While a number waste their lives to vices and inappropriate lifestyle, some of them dare to dream even higher and touch the zenith of what they think is possible. These dreamers are a breed of goal-getters that know what they want, work their way relentlessly, and motivate themselves to their peak.

Being rich, as Emmanuel is, is not a hindrance to encourage oneself to reach other heights in one’s life.

Where it all Emanated

Emmanuel or Emman for short was born from a typical Chinese family that thrives on business. Close-knit family ties are engraved in their system. His mother was a housewife and even though his father was not able to finish college, he was able to establish several businesses ranging from hardware stores to pet shops and a factory for wires and cables. This enabled them to live a comfortable life where their needs are taken care of. However, if they desire something beyond their needs, their parents would always advise them to start their own business to get it.

Emman was the fifth in seven siblings. At an early age, his parents always taught them about the value of money and how you need to work in order to have it. He and his siblings would occasionally help in their family business not for reward but for them to have school allowance. Non-participation will forfeit it. Growing up, he was exposed to the idea that it is not easy to earn money, but if you work, you will have money. These learnings reinforced his belief that to have a good life, you need to put up your own business too, as exemplified by their father.

Emman took up his Chemical Engineering degree thereafter, in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, where he met his would-be business partners. This is also where he understood that not all people live comfortably as them, and made him more thankful of his parents and their efforts to give them a good life. This also led to his determination to do business instead of working after getting his diploma.

Going Against a Mainstream Flow

Right after college, Emman decided not to get employed and instead focused on setting up a business. Since he was taught through experience about hardwork and sales, he was a step ahead against competition. Through his classmates back in college, he joined a couple of businesses to start. Most of them failed but this doesn’t stop him from finding the right business for him.

In actuality, Emman could easily land a high paying job by managing their family business, but he chose to carve his own path and reap rewards that he can claim he worked on from the bottom of the ladder. Of course, this also required strong conviction and an iron-cast belief that he can and will eventually succeed. As most of his contemporaries settle on their careers and corporate jobs, Emman was still finding the venture that is the right fit for him.

Finally, he and his friends were able to find a business that suits them. They started it even with all the risks involved. With the tenacity to persevere and achieve their goals, Emman and company did all they could to make the business work for them. A system was not yet in place so they made their own through trial and error and see what works and does not work. They relied on their willpower to succeed. They mustered their belief to the test. Even though Emman is well-off, this does not mean that he is less motivated to succeed. They were all hungry to succeed despite the different situations they are in.

Finally, after months of habitual guessing, applying, failing, recalibrating, innovating and follow-through, Emman has finally experienced the taste of success.

A Man in a Million with Millions

It has always been Emman’s passion to help people. Although his Chinese features and silent demeanor may throw you off as him being grouchy or unapproachable, you will be amazed at how big his heart is to make people as happy as he is. This temperament has helped him to succeed as well, as people flock to his side due to his charisma and candor.

Now, he proudly trains and helps a large number of associates under his organization and is reaching heights that would not be possible if he just settled for what is available when he was just starting. He manifested his intentions, worked his way through the uncertain path, trying and finding the right one for him. And finally, when he found that right one, he focused all his effort to the realization of his goals. He persevered through the challenges and never let go of his vision to succeed.

The lack of a dramatic backdrop like of one being poor or other circumstance that can break a person’s determination, did not deter him from being motivated towards his goals. He has something to prove, and proving it is all that matters, beyond the naysayers and non-believers. Emman, as he looks back, can only be thankful and proud, as he looks towards a brighter future ahead of him, that he has built through blood, sweat and tears.

A Man for Health

One of the turning points of Emman’s life was when he attended a business convention in the United States. He joined a five-kilometer fun run then. Even before reaching the finish line, he was sweating profusely and out of breath. In his mind, he realized that a transformation should be done. This led to a lifestyle change that systematically lowered his weight and made his body stronger. With his colleague as an accountability partner, he embarked on this journey towards a healthy life. He discovered that when body is healthy, stress is minimized and you will be clear-headed to make decisions. He dreams to help people enter this state too, where anything is possible when you decide upon it and work your way towards it.

A Man for Travel

Emman dreams of travelling the world, without haste and with lots of memories created. He likes outdoor adventure and is excited to taste the variety of the world’s delicacies, especially desserts. He believes that when you travel, you unlock a certain part of your humanity, where you get connected to the world and the surroundings that is new but common to you. Spending time traveling is a process of knowing yourself more and a kind of bonding that Emman savors – more pronounced if done together with his family and loved ones.

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A Man for Business

Although he accepts that he is sometimes lazy and disorganized, Emman makes up for it by creating goals for himself to get. His vision is crystal clear, as he sees himself in 10 years’ time as still with a stable business, lots of properties, and his own abode. His satisfaction to see you succeed with his help is an immense source of his joy and a continuous push for him to reach more heights in the business. This in turn will help him to give aid and inspiration to more people possible. This is a brand of business that Emman thrives on, a business of helping people and making them succeed as well.

A Man for Charity, Church and God

The more you give, the more you receive. Emman is consistent in giving what he can in the community that he is in, by sacrificing his time, energy and finances to the cause. He likes children a lot so he allots a time every year to teach them as a volunteer teacher. He can provide this because of the perks of the business he is in, where he is in full control of his time, and the profitable returns it gives that he can fund to help others. This is his way of giving it forward, so as to say to the universe that he is thankful for all the blessing that has been bestowed to him.

From Here on Out, A man to Look Out For

Live like you mean it, Emman always say to people. He believes that whatever you want to happen in your life, you have to live by it. Because, life is beautiful.

He never claims that success is easy. It is really a combination of easy and hard. Likewise, he supports that success is not just for you, but also for everyone else. If you can share it to other people, and in turn, it helped them to become successful as well because of you, then that is true success. And it will bring you to a lot of places you have never dreamed of, touch people’s lives exponentially, and be an inspiration to many that needs it the most.

Meet Emman, your mentor and friend, that wants you to have joy and success, as much as how he has experienced joy and success in his life.

Start Achieving The Life You Are Dreaming For